Tuesday Night Worship

One of the easiest ways to get involved at the ACSC is to come to our weekly worship. Come sing and praise God; come to make new friends and see old ones; come to meet Jesus!

Every Tuesday, we meet at 7:30 p.m. in the Devo Room at the ACSC for an hour of beautiful singing, challenging lessons, and meaningful prayer. Nothing compares to praising God with 200 of your closest friends and peers! Devotionals are also the main platform each week from which we communicate information to the students about retreats, service opportunities, intramurals, and other activities in our busy schedule!

At the Auburn Christian Student Center we have a saying: “We are Family, we are ONE!” We are truly one family, and we would love for you to come visit and be a part.

Fall Kickoff


Laura and Leah at our Kickoff Devotional

Fall Kickoff is always a busy, but exciting time at the ACSC. The first month of the fall semester always brings many new faces to our ministry, and we do our best to make those students feel at home! There is something going on almost every night of the week during our Fall Kickoff, whether it be our Kickoff Tuesday Night Worship, Community Group Dinners, Game Nights, or more.

Community Groups

All our students participate in one of our six Community Groups. Each group has two leaders who plan weekly meetings and service projects. Our CGs are great ways for you to grow in your faith while you are building friendships that will last for years.


The ACSC is involved in almost every Intramural sport on campus. We have teams that compete on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the year in flag football, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, softball, bowling, and more! We like to think of ourselves as Olympic-level athletes, but we’re really just a group of amateurs having fun competing, all the while bringing glory to God!



Canoeing at Fall Retreat

Fall Retreat

Serving as a foundation for this ministry for many years, our annual Fall Retreat is a must-attend! We take a weekend away at Children’s Harbor to grow together as a ministry. Every year, we have an interesting speaker who brings a unique series of lessons over the weekend. The weekend is filled with singing, reflection, fellowship, and of course, fun! We hope to see you this year at our Fall Retreat!

Guys and Girls Retreats

In early spring, the guys and girls split up for a special one-night retreat geared just for them! The girls often stay out at Lake Martin, while the guys sometimes camp or stay at a nearby lodge. We bring in special speakers for the two retreats, and the lessons are always extremely challenging but applicable. This is a great opportunity to grow closers to your Christian brothers or sisters, and is often students’ favorite weekend out of the year!

Gulf Coast Getaway


Gulf Coast Getaway

Every January, over MLKJ weekend, we take a group of 120+ to Panama City Beach for a conference with more than 1,200 college students involved in campus ministries across the country. Come to GCG and experience exquisite singing, deep lessons, and fun on the beach!

Mission Work


Honduras Mission Trip

Every spring break, we send out three mission teams. One group goes to Huntsville, AL, to work with Lincoln Village. Another group goes to the Bronx in New York City to work with at-risk kids in local school system. A third group has gone to Williamsburg, VA, the last few years to learn from a non-profit that cares for the socially displaced.

Button - SupportersFamily Weekend

Parents, grandparents, siblings, and more join us every spring for our Family Weekend. In conjunction with Auburn’s A-Day game, we host an annual weekend for families to come and visit! We have a picnic at the Arboretum on Saturday, and a special devotional that night. There is also a Bible class Sunday morning at the ACSC geared specifically for both students and their families. Join us for this weekend next April- you won’t regret it!