Welcome New Students!

College. Whether you’re a few days away from packing up and heading to Auburn, or if you’re just trying to decide where you want to go, this whole “college” thing is exciting and scary and thrilling and confusing and big. We get it – we were in your shoes not too long ago. Simply put, we want to be a part of your transition to college. We want your time in college to be cross-centered, rooted in friendship, and fun. You’ll find all three at the ACSC!

There’s plenty of ways to find out about us. Browse this website, check out some recent photos on our Facebook or Instagram, and Twitter. But the internet can only take you so far. We love for you to fill out a NEW STUDENT FORM. We can then contact you with more information

Best case scenario: come and visit us! Get a tour of the ACSC after your Camp War Eagle session, sit in on a Community Group on a Sunday night, or join us at a weekly Tuesday Night Worship. You won’t regret it.

But if you’re looking for quick answers, we’ve narrowed down everything you need to know into ten items. Check out our New Student Top 10 for an overview of what to expect and what to know about the ACSC!

Need a Roommate?

Need a roommate or have a place you need to rent out? Fill out the roommate request form and let us know you’re looking for a roommate. We will do our best to help you find one. Visit the Roommate Request Page to fill out a form.