We are a unified body of believers, built on a foundation of generations of members and the one true Cornerstone, focused on pointing to Christ and cultivating discipleship.


Knowing Jesus

Our primary focus is that every student that comes through this ministry will have a better grasp of who Jesus is and what He wants for their lives. This knowledge comes from frequent, deep studies on the Gospels.

Spiritual Independence

We want students to take ownership of their faith, fully understanding for themselves what they believe and why they believe it. We want to set a precedent of study and disciplines that lead to continual spiritual growth.

The Body of Christ

We believe that Christ's church is a diverse body of believers, so intergenerational relationships are extremely important. Through our partnership with the Auburn Church of Christ, our college students can form bonds with other members of the body, younger and older.

Missional Mindsets

We seek to serve our community through our Conversational English Tutoring with international students and work with other foundations such as Our House and Big House.


We form small discipleship groups that allow students to form intimate bonds centered spiritual responsibility for one another. DG members practice deliberate spiritual influence and seek to grow together in Christ.