Welcome New Students!

College. Whether you’re a few days away from packing up and heading to Auburn, or if you’re just trying to decide where you want to go, this whole “college” thing is exciting and scary and thrilling and confusing and big. We get it – we were in your shoes not too long ago. Simply put, we want to be a part of your transition to college. We want your time in college to be cross-centered, rooted in friendship, and fun. You’ll find all three at the ACSC!

There’s plenty of ways to find out about us. Browse this website, check out some recent photos on our facebook or instagram, and follow us on twitter for the latest news. But the internet can only take you so far. We love for you to fill out a NEW STUDENT FORM. That way, we can contact you with more information. It’s one thing to read a synopsis of who we are online; it’s a whole different thing to read an email or hand-written letter from a college student who wants to tell you what the ACSC means to him or her!

Best case scenario: come and visit us! Get a tour of the ACSC after your Camp War Eagle session, sit in on a Freshmen Small Group on a fall semester Sunday night, or join us at a weekly Tuesday night devotional. You won’t regret it.

But if you’re looking for quick answers, we’ve narrowed down everything you need to know into ten items. Check out our New Student Top 10 for an overview of what to expect and what to know about the ACSC!

Need a Roommate?

Need a roommate or have a place you need to rent out? Fill out the roommate request form and let us know you’re looking for a roommate. We will do our best to help you find one. Visit the Roommate Request Page to fill out a form.

Just for You:

We have many events and activities that are geared specifically for our freshmen and transfer students! They are designed to help you get rooted in this ministry and begin growing in your faith. Check out just a few of these opportunities below:

IMG_6694Freshmen Small Group (FSG)

One of the most important activities for freshmen to involve themselves in is our weekly Freshmen Small Group. Once the madness of the first few weeks of fall semester ends—what we call our “Fall Kickoff”—this small group will begin meeting every Sunday night at 7pm. For an hour or so each week, six upperclassmen will lead the freshmen in various activities: small discussion groups, prayer journeys, purposeful games,and much, much more! FSG is designed to help freshmen make their faith their own. Often challenging but always spiritually rewarding, we cannot stress enough how much we want to see you there! The FSG servants for 2014-2015 are Amy Adrian, Scott Dukes, Russell Mann, Laura Mitchell, Addison Cimino, and Leah Zutter

IMG_6699New Student Retreat (NSR)

Every fall, the FSG leaders take the new students on a short one-night retreat. This retreat will draw you closer to God and each other, and it will kick-start relationships that will last your college career! We leave on a Friday afternoon and are back by noon on Saturday. Don’t miss out!

Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Every new student has the opportunity to receive a big brother or a big sister. The “bigs” serve as mentors and friends to the “littles.” These connections can turn into meaningful and lasting relationships! Bigs and Littles are paired up at our annual Connect event on a Thursday night in early Fall.