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Summer Devo Series

Exchanged Glory - websiteJoin us every Tuesday night at 7PM (when classes are in session), where a selection of guest speakers will discuss the types of everyday idols college students put in place of God. Though few of us have seen an American college student bow down and worship idols of a bird or human or animal, idolatry is alive and well in our world. Join us throughout the summer as we look at the different goals, objects, and people that college students exchange for the glory of God.

Oh, and the best part about summer devos? Free dinner! After every. single. one. So, invite your friends and we’ll see you at devo!



  1. May 19 – Micah Cobb
  2. May 26 – Ben Brinkerhoff
  3. June 2 – Andy Sanders
  4. June 9 – Brad Buck
  5. June 16 – Alan Mann
  6. June 23 – Michael Strickland
  7. June 30 – Mac Matthews
  8. July 7 – Michael Waldrop
  9. July 14 – Wes Gunn

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