What is the Auburn Christian Student Center (ACSC)?

The Auburn Christian Student Center is the campus ministry of the Auburn Church of Christ. We are blessed to have approximately 250 students active in this ministry. The Elders of the Auburn congregation oversee all the programs and education for the campus ministry. Micah Cobb has been our campus minister since 2014.

Well, what is the difference then between the Auburn Christian Student Center (ACSC), the Auburn Church of Christ (ACOC), and the Auburn Christian Foundation (ACF)?

The Auburn Christian Foundation, comprised of 12 board members, provides the physical facilities and some of the staff salaries for the Auburn Christian Student Center. The ACF is a non-profit organization that depends on contributions from parents, alumni, and friends to provide for your children. Feel free to contact Tom Gudauskas, ACF Chairman, for more details at tgudauskas@neptunetg.com. The mailing address for the Auburn Christian Foundation is P. O. Box 1841, Auburn, AL 36831 if you would like to make a contribution. Or, you can donate using Paypal on this website.
The Auburn Church of Christ is the congregation that oversees the ACSC. Many of our students attend the Auburn Church of Christ for Sunday worship services.
The Auburn Christian Student Center is, well, us!

What’s up with your weird midweek service schedule?

No two college student schedules are alike, and so we have plenty of ways for everyone to get plugged in! Our core ministry event is our Tuesday Night Worship at 7:30 p.m. at the ACSC. Two hundred college students meet to pray, sing, and worship together. Our campus minister gives a lesson during this time, too.

Who should I contact if I feel like my child is struggling or has a special need?

Feel free to contact any of our staff members by email.  We all have offices at the ACSC; our phone number is 334-821-8222. We are here to help your child grow spiritually while they are here at Auburn! We are thankful when parents care enough to contact us.

My child won’t be able to participate in everything at the ACSC, but what should I encourage them to do?

Please encourage them to come to the weekly Tuesday Night Worship at 7:30 pm at the ACSC. This is a very uplifting time of praise, prayer, and Bible study. This is also where opportunities such as intramural teams, mission trips, small group Bible studies, service projects and social events are communicated. This is where students find strength through fellowship with each other so that they can be a shining light for Jesus on a dark campus!


Can parents come visit ACSC events?

Yes, anytime! Make your plans now to join us in the spring for our annual “Family Weekend” which is held in conjunction with Auburn University’s A-Day weekend. All parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends are invited to join us for a great weekend of fellowship and fun! Details will be communicated each year once the official date of the A-Day football game is published. You will need to reserve your hotel rooms early.

What can we as parents do to help our child while they are here in Auburn?

Pray. You have done your best for 18+ years to guide and nurture them. We will do our best to help them grow closer to Jesus and connect with God’s family here. Pray for them, and pray for us!