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Family Weekend 2015

graphic_Family Weekend 2015

Family Weekend Reminders

This weekend is Family Weekend 2015! Around 240 are signed up to participate throughout the weekend. Even if you haven’t bought a picnic lunch ahead of time, you are welcome to join us at any of our weekend events! Here’s a few reminders for the weekend:

* Our picnic will begin promptly at 11:00 am Saturday in the Auburn Church of Christ fellowship hall, 712 South College Street – even if it is not actually raining tomorrow morning, we are predicted to get a lot of rain between now and then so we have officially decided to have an inside picnic since the ground will no doubt be very wet!!!! We will have chairs set up for everyone so there is no need to bring your camping chairs.

* We will have our “Parent/Child Look Alike Contest” at the end of the picnic, complete with prizes! Come prepared to convince the crowd how much you look like your mom or dad!

* The A-Day game is scheduled for 1:00 pm and you and your family can easily walk to it from the church building after the picnic.

* Refreshments will be served on the front lawn of the ACSC (or in the TV room) beginning at 3:30 pm Saturday afternoon. Walk over from the game and visit and enjoy a snack before our Devotional.

* Devotional will begin promptly at 4:00 pm at the Auburn Christian Student Center, 439 South College Street. Please help us out by moving on into the Devo room and filling in all the chairs. We are expecting a big crowd and an uplifting time together! If you drive to Devo, PLEASE CARPOOL!

* After Devotional – Auburn University is sponsoring a Block Party at Toomer’s Corner followed by AU’s spring concert. Walk downtown after our Devotional with other ACSC families to enjoy dinner and an evening of entertainment together or just hang out at the ACSC and renew old friendships and make new ones!

* Bible class will be at 9:15 am at the ACSC Sunday to give us time to transition to the church building in time for worship services at 10:30 am.

* If you are a family of a new student for Fall 2015, we are so glad you are coming! You’ll all be given “new blue” name tags so we can spot you and talk with you. Look out for us “old golds!”

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